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​Home to The British Guild of Dove Release Professionals


​​​​​​​Welcome to our site, where you will find lots of information on what you should expect​ from a Dove Release Specialist, as well as contact details for some of the most reputable and recommended suppliers in the UK.

If you are searching to find a Dove Release for a Wedding, Funeral, Anniversary, Memorial, Grand Opening or any special event, you will find a supplier here.

simply use the menu/navigation bar to locate a supplier within your region - eg, if looking for doves for a wedding in Newport or Cardiff South Wales, choose the page Wales-Bristol.


The White Dove has many special meanings that can be translated to your event in order to give meaning, make a statement, or simply delight and uplift those that witness these beautiful birds as they take to the sky.


The Guild was founded by several Dove Release Specialists who have built excellent reputations in this industry over many years.  In order to be considered for membership, there is a strict criteria that needs to be met. (please see bottom of page for criteria) this ensures that you, the customer can have confidence when choosing any supecialist from our Guild. Unlike other directories, no dove release business can pay to be listed or added without meeting our standards.

This criteria is set in order to ensure that you get a professional, legally operating company, that cares about the welfare of its birds, and is committed​ to providing an outstanding service to you.

So, how does this work? 
Simply look in the navigation bar for the region of the UK that is nearest to where you will be holding your event, and find links on that page to your nearest specialist. 


For information on joining the Guild, please contact us







​Criteria which all members must meet bfroe being accepted onto The Guild.

  • A minimum of 2 years in operation
  • All birds must be registered with RPRA, WHPU, SHU, or IHU
  • Businesses must hold a valid Public Liability Insurance Policy
  • All Dove Releases must be fully attended by business owners or experienced staff
  • No Doves must be sold or hired for DIY Dove Release
  • Excellent Bird Husbandry must be THE priority - welfare before profit
  • References must be provided from 3rd party professionals (wedding planners, funeral directors)
  • Must be registered with HMRC​